Q: Can I add more than one Hive Keep set together?

A: Absolutely. Add brakets side by side to create a full HIve Keep wall or stager your brakets for more of a pod look.  The possibilities are endless. 

HK tips: each bracket has slide tabs on the sides to make it easier to line them up when installing side by side.


Q: Can I stack more than 4 on top of each other?

A: The bracket is designed  to hold up to 4 pieces (2 bottoms + 2 tops)   

Q: What are the foam spacers for?

A: They can be used for multiple uses; a lift for shorter items; to protect the tips of your pencils; for sharp tools; to keep items from moving around inside Hive Keep when taking  them on the go.  


Q: Can I use my Hive Keep on its side?

A: Heck yeah!  Any way you want.

HK tip: for a more permanent desk/counter installation; use double sided mounting tape to keep it from slidding around.


Q: How do I install the Hive Keep bracket?

A: Use the template and instructions  included in Hive Keep box.  (See image below)




Q: My Hive Keeps are not coming apart or snapping together. Am I doing something wrong?

A: It’s normal for them to stick together. Just apply a little more pulling pressure to separate  them and pushing pressure to snap them together.

HK tip: you’ll hear a snap once they’re connected. Always make sure they’re connected all the way along. 

Hive keep are built of a quality material and will be a little more rigid the first few uses. As you pull it apart and snap it together, it will become easier to do.


Q: My lids/tops aren’t closing tightly.

A: The tops are designed to slide off effortlessly for quick access.

HK tip: use an extra large rubber band around your Hive Keep set while traveling to keep lids tight. 


HK tip:Hive Keep for bottles/jabs; use a vinyl or silicone tape strip on the inside of the cavity to keep them from slidding out.